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Hostile Cell, The Newest Nicaraguan Metal Sensation

I’ve never listened to the band, but they probably suck. They’re pissed off about some bad review that they got blah blah blah. But they are bragging about getting lot’s of airplay on Nicaraguan radio. Ron has never even mention radio stations existing in Nicaragua, I think someone is pulling their leg.

I’ll post the whole comment here for funsies, it’s mildly entertaining.

"Hey everyone, Hostile Cell has been getting airplay on national radio in Nicaragua! Very exciting indeed. In other news I just want to bash the idiot who reviewed the Deafening in Sweden Rock magazine. Look, if you don’t like the genre, give the CD to someone who cares about it or why don’t you just go fuck yourself.

"You gave the album 3 out of 10 and compared us with, in your own words, ‘such uninteresting bands as Sonic Syndicate and Dead by April.’ They may be uninteresting to your cave dwelling, underground shit taste, but that’s what a lot of people like right now. That just proves how fucking stupid and unprofessional you are. I can take a bad review, if it’s got some real content. You’re writing that you can’t stand pop with growl and metal riffs. Well don’t review the album then you fucking idiot.

"They should ban you from reviewing another band, especially a small band that unfortunately is dependent on the reviews of such magazines. So, Simon Lundh, my review of your opinions is zip out of 100. Go fuck yourself."


Ihsahn – Scarab
Dalriada – Mégegyszer…
Ensiferum – One More Magic Potion
The Devin Townsend Band – Seventh Wave
Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
Brujeria – Matando Gueros
Electric Wizard – The Chosen Few
Dream Theater – The Shattered Fortress
Freedom Call – Tears are Falling
Meshuggah – Erroneous Manipulation

Metalscape Radio 1

I wasn’t planning on releasing this, but some people asked for it during the live broadcast of CXX, which is coming in the next few days (that’s right peoples, NEW METALSCAPE!!).

Check it out if you’re bored or if you missed it:

How To: Access Spotify from anywhere

Do you ever feel a little down when there’s a new music service that’s sweeping just about every nation except yours? Spotify is a service that allows you to listen to a HUGE library of full songs for free. And it’s totally legal. Of course if you want to download those songs you’ll have to pay, but while you’re at your desk, it’s like having the worlds largest music library.

It’s very easy to do this, and yet I couldn’t find any easy tutorials using google, it’s really just three steps.

1. Access Spotify ( using a proxy server located in one of the supported countries.

As of this writing was working. If you have other working suggestions please tell me in the comments.

2. Sign up for an account through the proxy.

After you sign up, proxify will tell you that you have to sign up in order to download the file, if you used something like FoxyProxy, the download will probably be really slow, so don’t do it.

3. Download the program directly and install.

Spotify doesn’t seem to care what country you’re in if you’re just downloading the client, so outside of the proxy access the spotify download through one of these links.



I forgot there is actually a fourth step. This is VERY important, not doing this will keep you from using spotify.

4. Log In and start listening.

I’ve been playing with this recently and am really enjoying it, there Metal selection is quite wide including the full Windir discography and a selection from slightly more “underground” bands like Xasthur. While I didn’t fine any Thorazine or Mucus Membrane, I’m sure they’re working on it.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!