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Frozen Tears of Angels of Fire

Unless you’re a complete fucking dipshit, you knew that the mighty Rhapsody Of Fire were working on a new album, “The Frozen Tears of Angels”. And today the most epic of epic bands have released the cover art for it:

Look at it. It’s got angels, swords, ice, fire and maybe even some tears. I dunno. But what I do know is that there’s a giant motherfucking dragon on it, and that’s all I need. Rhapsody have discovered the secret to amazing album covers: Dragons. I’m serious. Every single album cover you can think of can be instantly improved by a margin of 300% if you add dragons. Example:

Normally I could give a shit about Taylor Swift, but if this was the actual cover of any of her albums I would definitely buy at least 5 copies, because anyone who loves dragons as much as Rhapsody of Fire, Taylor Swift and myself should be supported no matter what.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also posted a TOTALLY NEW SONG OFF THE ALBUM! WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD!!!! But if you just want to listen to it, here you go; It’s called “Sea of Fate” and it is so epic in its underwhelming it’s completely of fire:

The Motherfucking Frozen Tears of Angels comes out on April 30th.

NUCLEAR BLAST: This is getting ridiculous of Fire

Guess what? Nuclear Blast signed on yet another metal band. And it’s mother-dragon-fucking Rhapsody no less. Is there nothing sacred anymore? Also, they’re coming up with a new album, “The Frozen Tears of Angels”.

I had to go to a new paragraph here to give you some time to assimilate/stop laughing at Rhapsody’s new album title. Seems like production and mixing duties will still be performed by the Luca-Alex duo and “valorous” friend of the band Sascha Paeth. In their official site, they comment on the theme of the new album, which will continue the amazing “Dark Secret Saga” and further Luca Turilli’s use of retarded imagination for concept music album purposes.

Now you may just be reading this sitting comfortably in front of your computer and think nothing more of it. But I see what’s really going on…
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7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!