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Van Canto drummer branches out

So we can all agree that Van Canto is silly right? Well the drummer has set off to make his own band, full of instruments and everything.

Sounds pretty good.

But he went and replaced guitars with one piano (that tries to play guitar riffs) and came up with this turd. And you have to read the bands Biography, with funny puns such as…

Traditionally, most rock bands are dominated by guitars. Not so the case with IN LEGEND, where the mother of all instruments is the “key” component: The piano.

OMG get it? Key, as in piano key.


Van Canto is at it Again

Apparently The University of A Cappella Metal has let out for spring break. So the staff decided to get together and record another ridiculous video for another ridiculous song.

I like how when they’re doing they “rubba duba dun duya buya” bullshit they’re all looking at each other as if they’re having an actual conversation.

Van Canto: ahahahahahhahahahahah

This band is so ridiculous it borders on genius. No wait, they’re just ridiculous:

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!