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Rotten Sound Pays Tribute to the Olympics?

The band has just debuted the video for “Hollow”, from the upcoming album ”Cursed”.

It’s certainly entertaining, with legions of cheeseburgers doing that choreographed drumming the chinese like so much. And participating in a variety of olympic sports. I’m sure there some overstated hippy message about consumerism or some shit, but the song does make me want to rawk.

The album comes out on March 15th.

Bringing home the gold.

DVD Teaser from Kamelot

This clip was just posted by Kamelot, it’s a sneak peak of the bonus DVD that’s shipping with the next album “Poetry of the Poisoned.

It’s mostly these weird black and white interview moments with the members talking about stories or how much they like “the rock and the classical and the romantic music”

I kinda want to hear that story he was telling at the end but they cut it off of course, just to fuck with me. Harumph.

Calling all Týr fans

Since Tom’s poll seems to be back firing on him. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the new video from Týr for the song “Hold the Heathen Hammer High”.

While I found the newest album to be disappointing, this is one of the better songs on the disk despite it being one of their most “OMG OMG LOOK AT US WE’RE VIKINGS AND SHIT!!!”. The video is surprisingly well done, not something I expected from the guys who brought you Regin Smiður.

True DT Video nubs

No fancy CG effects or robes on fire bullshit, just plain ol’ good prog rockin’.

Sunglasses = Automatic Cool.


Or something like that. With a bunch of dudes wearing red robes and masks. That’s basically what the DT video for their new song “A Rite of Passage” depicts. The song comes off their upcoming album, “Black Coulds & Silver Linings” which I believe is their second one on Roadrunner Records.

The song sucks pretty bad, but the video is cool. John Petrucci is still rocking the steroid look and it seems at times he’s about to break his guitar in half. Rudess is barely in the video, so much that I thought they had kicked him out because I rarely heard any keyboard parts. It’s nice to see that such a (once) great band gets the all-star music video treatment, pity it’s for such a lame song.

KROD MANDOON = R&Z ripoff?

So I was watching Comedy Central the other day and the preview for this series popped up during the commercials. It’s apparently a comedy (dur) show set in a middle age/fantasy setting where a hero and an unlikely cast of characters embark upon an epic quest to vanquish some evil dude’s plot to rule the world.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Metalscape’s own metal/medieval/fantasy ongoing comedy series, “Ronvaldr & Zachrebuff and the Quest of The Rolling Stone”, but the concept is not really that different. The series preview is below. Watch it and draw your own conclusions.

Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

New ELUVEITIE video with Hot Chicks

Or hot chick rather, the one that’s not singing looks like she’s pregnant and not happy about it. The video is for Omnos, a track off their upcoming “acoustic concept” album “Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion”. When I first heard they were releasing an acoustic album I thought they were going for something like Finntroll’s “Visor Om Slutet”, but I guess they simply decided to remove the distorted guitars from the mix and slap the “acoustic” tag on it. I don’t really care honestly.

Thing is Ann Murphy, their hot hurdy gurdy player, is singing on this song and featured prominently in the video. She’s pretty hot. That weird looking dude with the beard hair plugs is in it too. He’s not hot. Below is the video taken from YouTube, sans the retarded comments.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!