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Moonsorrow puts it to Tape Today

Legendary folk metal outfit Moonsorrow will be starting to record their next full release album today, September 2nd, at some undisclosed studio in Finland. According to a blog post on their MySpace, “This stuff is Cold, Heavy and Crushing.” They’re aiming for a February 2011 release date.

They also made a separate blog site in which they’ll be posting studio diary updates, in case you’re interested in following that sort of shenanigans. According to that site, they’re going for an organic feel on this one, no “silicon implanted/software manipulated modern day metal sound” bullshit. They’re even recording their tracks on tape! Sadly, all of that will go to shit when the 90% of people who listen to them end up downloading it digitally anyway. But I guess it will make up for an excellent sounding vinyl record for those who like to keep it old school.

Hopefully the album will not be comprised of a single 80 minute long song with a 20 minute intro composed of squirrel sound samples. Although that would be awesome actually. If anything to annoy Zach.

“V: Havitetty” was a decent album, but not a great one like their previous stuff. Maybe they’ll surprise me with this one. Maybe.

Devin Townsend… in vinyl?

If Devin’s hyperactive twitter account is to be believed (and why not, the man’s been supposedly drug free for the last couple of years now), his entire catalog will be seeing the light of day again in the vinyl format.

Wow…the WHOLE dt catalog is being released on Vinyl! Ocean Machine and Terria first, then the rest over the next 4 months!

Cool news for those of you out there who are both DT and vinyl fans. You can of course follow Devin and get your twitter flooded by his 3424567 daily tweets by going to his page, @dvntownsend.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!