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Hearing Calibration

About to start mixing the new episode. It’s been a while, I’m getting my ears’ volume/frequency adjusted while I download Zach’s files listening to some tracks first. This ocurred to me while checking my own recording; It sounded way too quiet so I immediately thought I would need to do some moderate-to-hard compression on my end, but then since I mix the podcast for headphones BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO METALSCAPE YOU UNTR00 FVCKS I also thought my hearing wouldn’t be used to the acoustics inside a headphone piece, so I listened to something else.

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Mr. Awesome

ITE: Go again, Zach Trek, The Exodus Show, that fucking Finntroll song again, there’s no swine flu in Nicaragua, touch tales, iFag, tin whistle, “Break all your bones so that they grow back stronger”, correct Windir songs, Dreamspace sucked and my own personal Mac.

Venom – Heavens on Fire
Finntroll – Det Iskalla Trollblodet
Thought Chamber – Transmigration of Souls
Windir – Journey to the End
Star One – Set Your Controls
Wulfshon – The Calling of Ancestral Blood
Dream Theater – A Nightmare to Remember
Premonition – Talking Mallcore

Zach’s Gorgoroth video
Nightwish Biography
Toxic Holocaust video

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!