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Wintersun – Time I (Album Review)

According to the official Metalscape Wintersun “Time” release date counter, it was 7 years and 20 days since the legendary album was announced until it was finally released. That’s a lot of Time indeed, and as such, a lot was expected.

Wintersun’s debut album “Wintersun” is still one of my favorites to date. Great melodies, solid production and all around fantastic songwriting made every song on that album a classic. It’s one of those albums that stays with you and brings fond memories whenever you hear one of its awesome songs. Which is why the news of a second Wintersun album were received with hysterical euphoria among the 5 people who know what a Wintersun is (Jari Maenpaa included).

It actually grew into some sort of religious watch, as the new album’s release had taken on a deeper meaning for some people, and words like “greatest metal album of all time” and “holy shit” where commonly used to describe the advent of what eventually, on the pinnacle of its hype, was to be acclaimed as the event that would supersede the second coming of Jesus Christ, in the form of a metal record.
Anyway, the album got relased to general internet rave. It took me about a month to actually get the album myself and give it a proper listen. I’m not fond of long ass reviews, so here it is in a nutshell: Meh.

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Metalscape – Episode 139

ITE: Immortal Cookies, $50 spending spree, Nicaragua driving, roof leakage, news, Ron static, deviant fart, My Little Pony, I’m not a fag, I’m just a Power Puff Girls Connoiseur, “I don’t particularly care for the children”, Zach Moore: Flight Attendant, Comics, Wintersun and the Cool Part.

Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch the Landlord
Gotan Project – Rayuela
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Keelhaul – Pass the Lampshade
Vektor – Cosmic Cortex

Wintersun’s “Time I” actual album cover!

I hope you have a spare computer and monitor ready because this cover art right here will start a chain reaction that starts in the CPU and ends up inside your brain blowing up your mind. Unless someone links me to a picture of Jesus sticking massive amounts of Higg’s bosons up his ass while playing UNO with the Chupacabra, I declare this the greatest image of all TIME I:

Did you see that shit?! Holy fuck I think I even came a little.

Time: 5 years and still waiting

Well, I noticed that the official Metalscape “Wintersun Watch” timer is now gone a little over 5 years. That’s 5 years since Jari Maenpaa announced the sequel to his incredible debut album.

Over the last 5 years much has been said about this seemingly never to be released album. Some say it will be the greatest metal album ever created, some say it will suck, like everything else does nowadays. There are even those that dare say that Jari simply buckled under the pressure and actually stopped trying to record this disaster a few years ago, fled into Siberia with nothing in his pockets but snow and lint and now survives off of dead wolves. Actually, all of that stuff was said around 2 years after he announced the release, because after that, everyone stopped caring.

But not us! We, Metalscape, the last bastion for true metal on the internets, still soldier on. We’re here for you Jari, even if the latest we’ve heard from you is that you signed up for a Facebook account. Not the most encouraging of thoughts since Facebook is basically an internet procrastination tool, and also because it reminds me that the time it took Facebook to get started as a college student’s experiment, grow into popularity, explode into the worldwide scene, make that college student the youngest billionaire in the world and get its own movie was shorter than the time it’s taken you so far to record a music album.

Will we ever see the release of “Time”? Will I ever write another one of these articles about it or will there come a day when even I will stop caring? I guess only time will tell.

And now, HITLER:

Jari Mäenpää: “Fuck ‘TIME’, I’m playing Farmville”

That’s right people. The one and only Jari Mäenpää is now on Facebook. You can find his profile at this address, and if that’s not working for you, just search for “Jari Mäenpää Wintersun” within Facebook.

Don’t worry about this not being legit, as the man himself posted it on the official Wintersun boards. “Who gives a shit?” would probably be the appropriate reaction to this, but I can’t help my fanboy self. Friend Request sent!

MetalStorm asks PETRI LINDROOS what’s up with WINTERSUN

What the fuck is going on with Jari and Wintersun? I don’t know. Zach doesn’t know. And I’m pretty damn sure Petri Lindroos doesn’t know either. But that didn’t stop MetalStorm‘s Baz Anderson from asking in this video interview with Ensiferum’s lead singer/guitarist.

The rest of the interview is boring as all shit, since apparently Petri hates talking and/or people bringing up Jari Maenpaa.

TIME: 4 years and Still Waiting

Yup. If you take a look to your right you’ll see our restless watch over Jari Mäenpää’s upcoming album “Time”, which as of this writing has been over 4 years and 11 days in the making ever since it was announced.

Jari first rose to prominence thanks to his involvement in Ensiferum. He rearranged some of the songs, did vocals and played lead guitar in their now classic self-titled debut album, and after releasing a second album with the band he left to pursue his own musical interests. That turned out into the forming of “Wintersun”, a band which at the beginning was basically just Jari. He then got a drummer and enough studio time to release the fantastic self-titled album which we all know and love (except Zach).

A couple of years after his 2004 debut, Jari announced a follow-up record was in the making. This got everyone in the metal community (except Zach) excited for the sequel to one of metal’s greatest albums in recent times. Jari later on revealed “Time” as being the title of the new album and some updates on the recording process. Everything seemed all nice and dandy.

But then stuff started to go wrong. Equipment got fucked up, unavailable studio time, money was running low, gear was not up to snuff and several other bumps in the road that delayed the release significantly were made public through the band’s website, making the fans begin to wonder if “Time” would ever see the light of day. Jokes came and went, fake artwork was posted and taken off, and even some donations were made, but still no album.

The last update on Wintersun’s site is from February of this year, announcing that all their shows were being canceled as they were not yet gig-ready due to “unexpected problems with technology” and even some “personal problems” with Jari’s apartment. But no real news on any substantial progress on the album.

By now, “Time” has become the stuff of myth. Does it really exist? If so, will it ever be released? And if it does, will it be the greatest metal album of all Time? I personally have high hopes that the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, but as usual, you gotta have your doubts. First, it will be really difficult to match and let alone surpass the quality of the first album and second, anything that is hyped to the extent that “Time” has been (even if the hype is just a side-effect of all the delays), usually ends up sucking ass hard. But let’s hope that some day we get to actually listen to the record, and prove these assumptions either right or wrong.

I guess only Time will tell.

(that’s right motherfuckers, “Time” joke)

WINTERSUN’s “Time” album cover leaked, people think it’s gay

The cover art for the long time coming Wintersun album “Time” has been leaked:
I personally think it looks nice, but many people out there have been using words as “gay” and “retarded” to describe it.

According to a post on the Wintersun official message boards, it is only a draft and not the official art to be used for the cover. I’ve yet to confirm this since the page for that topic in their forums is not loading for me. I guess I’ll just give it more time. Get it? I crack myself up.

Thanks to The Blackest Apocalyptica for the heads up.

Metalscape WINTERSUN Watch


3 years, 5 months and 28 days

…since recordings of “Time” were announced to begin.

I’ve decided to start tracking how long is taking for main man Jari Mäenpää to release the now near-mythical second Wintersun album, “Time”. Wintersun’s debut album is one of my favorite metal records of all time, so when I heard he was working on a new one, I naturally came in my pants. But ever since he announced it he has had every single problem dealing with the recording/mixing process imaginable, pushing the release date for the new album into what it now seems the end of days.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened so far:

  • 29.09.2005: Jari announces he will be entering the studio to record the followup to Wintersun’s self titled debut album in May ’06.
  • 02.05.2006: Wintersun has entered the studio and recordings are underway. Tracklist for the new album is posted.
  • 23.10.2006: Last 3 shows from some european tour with Amon Amarth and Tyr are cancelled since Jari booked those dates at Sonic Pump studios for mixing. Apparently, there were a lot of delays during the recording process and the mixing had to be re-scheduled for later.
  • 17.04.2007: Mixing at Sonic Pump is cancelled and Jari can’t schedule another session for 2007 since it’s all booked. Jari complains about not having the right equipment for the job and gear breaking down on him all the time.
  • 04.06.2008: Jari is now mixing the album at home on his piece of shit computer that takes ages to render all of the ridiculous 200 tracks per song, blaming it on 32 bit computing. Nuclear Blast comes to the rescue with a brand new computer.
  • 27.02.2009: Due to more technical problems in the mixing process, Wintersun cancels their Summerbreeze and Bloodstock appearances. Jari refuses to play any shows until the new album is done.
7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!